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What happens when 25 David Bowies show up?

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The opening day of David Bowie Is took an unforgettable, unexpected, and slightly surreal turn at six o'clock when around 25 individuals dressed as David Bowie from various eras and as different Bowie personas arrived with one Freddie Mercury in tow. For about 10 minutes they performed a fully choreographed dance routine to David Bowie's “Life on Mars,” “Fashion,” and “Let's Dance,” and closed with Queen and David Bowie's duet “Under Pressure.” Above is a shortened and edited video of what some lucky visitors experienced.


A special thanks to all those who surprised us with this unexpected performance. We found out later: the Fabulous Ladies of Fitness were in charge of the production and choreography, Alyce Henson had the concept, and DJ LA* Jesus created the musical mix.