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Screening and Talk: Scott Reeder’s Moon Dust


Moon Dust is a soon-to-be released, feature-length film directed by Scott Reeder. Set 100 years in the future, it tells the odd, compelling, and heartbreaking story of a failing luxury hotel located on the moon. The film is a glimpse into the daily life of the permanent residents/employees of the hotel and the few well-to-do tourists that still bother to visit. Influenced by the films of Jacques Tati and Jean Cocteau, the architecture and design of the Bauhaus, and more recent architecture from the 1970s like Kurokawa Nakagin's Capsule Tower, the film expands on a vision of the future that is firmly rooted in the past.

Reeder shows an excerpt from the full length film that has never been publicly screened before. MCA Pamela Alper Associate Curator Julie Rodrigues Widholm joins him after the screening to discuss the film on the occasion of the closing of Reeder's Chicago Works exhibition.

Screening and Talk: Scott Reeder's Moon Dust