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Audio Tour: Jimmy Robert Vis-à-vis


Jimmy Robert Vis-à-vis is the first major solo museum exhibition in the United States of work by Brussels-based artist Jimmy Robert. Working in a range of media—including photography, film, video, sculpture, and collaborative performance—Robert gently breaks down divisions between two and three dimensions, image and object. Extending into the space of the gallery, Robert's sculptural photographic works create a relationship to the viewer's body, while their materials underscore a sense of impermanence. Robert's films and videos, broadly inspired by the French New Wave and work by feminist filmmakers such as Marguerite Duras and Chantal Akerman, convey a sense of the ordinary in their scale, subject, and material. Of a similarly intimate register, Robert's dance and performance works value gesture and chance over elaborate choreography, referring to Fluxus and the Judson Dance Theater.

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