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Grain of a Hand: Drawings with Graphite

About the Exhibition

Graphite is a familiar to many by way of the common pencil. Drawing with this carbon-based substance is typically considered a way to quickly sketch out ideas before moving to the more permanent medium of pen and ink. The artists exhibited in Grain of a Hand: Drawings with Graphite challenge these traditional ideas by utilizing graphite in radical and unexpected ways. In the exhibition, graphite becomes a pigment to be lightly dusted on a print, a block of material to sculpt, or a memory to trace. In two rotations of artworks over the course of the exhibition, artists explore this humble material as a way to trace bodies, memories, and spaces—pushing graphite off the page in order to redefine drawing itself.

The exhibition is organized by Isabel Casso, Marjorie Susman Curatorial Fellow. It is presented in the McCormick Tribune Gallery on the museum’s second floor.

Artists in this exhibition