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Paté Conaway


Paté Conaway, Knitting for My Soul, 2002. Installation view, 12 x 12, MCA Chicago

Photo © MCA Chicago


Paté Conaway uses everyday materials to explore relationships between life and art. For 12 x 12, Conaway will be in the gallery using handmade three-and-a-half-foot knitting needles and a 500-yard spool of cotton fiber to knit a pair of mittens large enough to cover his body. Conaway learned to knit during his artist residency at a retirement community, and has created several large-scale knitted sculptures—a giant washcloth; a four-feet-wide and six-feet-long baby’s cap (with pom-pom); and a five-feet-wide and 33-feet-long scarf. Conaway elevates an everyday activity to engage the viewer in a discussion of art and craft, art and performance, and gender and age.

He is a graduate of the Interdisciplinary Arts Graduate Program at Columbia College, Chicago.


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