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Vernissage 2018 at Festival Hall.

Photo: Jeremy Lawson Photography

Vernissage 2022

About the Event

The Women’s Board of the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago invites you to attend Vernissage, the opening night benefit of EXPO CHICAGO at Festival Hall, Navy Pier. The MCA is proud to participate in the ninth year of the exposition, which presents artwork from over 135 leading galleries around the world.

Proceeds from Vernissage raise significant funds in support of the MCA’s education department’s mission, whose programs offer compelling opportunities to explore, challenge, discuss, and reflect on the MCA’s holdings, as well as the larger world of contemporary art and culture.


Vernissage Cochairs

  • Jeri Netter Henoch
  • Loren Johnson

Women’s Board President

  • Ellen B. Wallace

Funding & Partners