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Circle Preview: Duro Olowu: Seeing Chicago

Exclusively for Circle Donors and Above

Join curators, artists, and fellow supporters for a reception and first look at the MCA’s newest exhibition.

Using public and private collections in Chicago, Nigerian-born British designer Duro Olowu (b. 1965) curates an immersive experience for the senses. Olowu combines artworks from the city's great collections, along with his own visually lavish garments, to create densely textural scenes that span time, media, and geography.

Kindly RSVP by Friday, February 21 by calling 312-397-4044 or by emailing [email protected].

This event is free for Circle, DVC, Trustees, and VIP guests.


Lead support for Duro Olowu: Seeing Chicago is provided by the Harris Family Foundation in memory of Bette and Neison Harris: Caryn and King Harris, Katherine Harris, Toni and Ron Paul, Pam Szokol, Linda and Bill Friend, and Stephanie and John Harris; Dimitris Daskalopoulos; Zell Family Foundation; and Cari and Michael Sacks.

Major support is provided by Mellody Hobson and Gael Neeson, Edlis-Neeson Foundation.

Generous support is provided by Nancy and Steven Crown; Julie and Larry Bernstein, Robert J. Buford, Carylon Foundation, Ellen-Blair Chube, Marilyn and Larry Fields, Agnes Gund, Mirja and Ted Haffner, the Joyce Foundation, Anne L. Kaplan, Liz and Eric Lefkofsky, Carol Prins and John Hart/The Jessica Fund; Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund, Denise and Gary Gardner; Lois and Steve Eisen and The Eisen Family Foundation, the Terra Foundation for American Art, on behalf of board member Nora Daley, Susan D. Goodman and Rodney Lubeznik, Nickol and Darrel Hackett, Jennifer and Alec Litowitz, Mary K. Touhy; Dr. Daniel S. Berger and Scott Wenthe, Heiji and Brian Black, Dr. John E. Ellis, Brooke Garber Neidich, Rachel and David Grund, Vicki and Bill Hood, Cheryl Mayberry McKissack and Eric McKissack, and Regan Rhode and Phil Friedman.

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Members at the Circle Preview of the 2015 Benefit Art Auction

Photo: Jeremy Lawson © MCA Chicago

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