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Commons Project: Stamp Making for the Letterbox Challenge


Joan Giroux's project for the Commons, Eco Monopolies, is partially inspired by recent land-rights activism in Chicago and across the United States and focuses on how Chicago's residents and government define and maintain public land in the city's diverse neighborhoods. Giroux extends the project off-site with a challenge that takes the form of letterboxing—an early form of geocaching from the 1800s—asking visitors to extend their experience beyond the Commons to 15 cultural centers throughout Chicago.

Take the Letterbox Challenge!

Join us on Fridays from 5–6 pm, June 8–August 10, in the Commons to make your own signature stamp and learn more about letterboxing. At the end of the summer, come back to share stories, show off your letterbox journals filled with stamps from sites you’ve visited, and meet others who have taken the challenge. If you stamped your book at every cultural center, you’ll receive a small prize.


  • [Can't make it to the museum? Print your own logbook at home to participate in the project.

NOTE: If a letterbox is missing, please ask a cultural center volunteer. Each site has an extra logbook and stamp for you to complete the challenge.](/assets/index/JIYQSTLI.pdf)