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Family Day: Adventurers


Discover natural and imaginary landscapes.


  • Eda Yorulmazoglu

Camp out with other-worldly creatures.

2nd-floor Atrium

  • Axis Lab

Connect around the world with tea.

2nd-floor Commons

  • Cream Co.

Adopt a spider plant traveler.

3rd-floor Crown Family Room

  • Claire Arctander

Make a map of what matters.

4th-floor lobby

And more!

Family Days are the second Saturday of every month through the spring, from 11 am–3 pm. This season, join us for this year’s final Family Day on May 12. Enjoy free admission while taking part in workshops, open studio sessions, gallery tours, and performances, all designed and led by Chicago artists.


Support for Family Programs is provided in part by the MCA Women’s Board Family Education Initiative.

Additional generous support is provided by Bai Brands.