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A group of museum visitors observe a man lying on the floor underneath a sheet of glass.

Installation view, Bodyworks, MCA Chicago, Mar 8–Apr 27, 1975. Work shown: Chris Burden's Doomed, 1975

Photo © MCA Chicago

In Progress: To the Racy Brink with Mary Richardson and Lynne Warren


Join MCA Library Director Mary Richardson and Curator Lynne Warren in conversation as they discuss the process of mining the MCA’s archives to create the exhibition To the Racy Brink.

In Progress is a new MCA series of public programs that give visitors a glimpse into the working practices of artists. It highlights Chicago artists with a focus on live art happenings, discussions, workshops, and screenings that expose the behind-the-scenes labor of art making.

This series further positions the MCA as a platform for creative culture, providing a place for artists to test ideas and push their practices to new levels through audience engagement, and creating a forum for conversation and interaction.