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As part of our after-hours event, singer and recording artist theMIND performs a set of electrifying R&B hits. theMIND is well known for his collaborations with Mick Jenkins, Chance the Rapper, and Joey Purp.

About the Artist

Zarid Wilder, better known by his stage name theMIND, is an American recording artist and songwriter.

Refusing to be placed in a box and being labeled as "R&B,” he views himself as a “lyrical exhibitionist” rather than a singer. theMIND doesn't mind being sprinkled among the alternative R&B artists breaking through over the past few years, but feels more sonically related to British artists like Sampha, James Blake, and Kwabs than his US peers dominating the pop charts. When asked how he would describe his sound, he is quick to reply “Rabbit Hole Music,” explaining that it is something in which his listeners can get lost. At times his music goes on tangents, one song might be making a very direct point, whereas another could conceptually present contradictory thoughts and feelings. “I like it that way,” he admits. “I think that's the way that our minds work: they talk a mile a minute, we're constantly thinking about different things while we're trying to focus on one thing. So I like that my music does that too, and you get that out of these situations and songs.”