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Liz McCarthy, Whistle Hang Out


Inspired by the MCA's architecture and a spirt of collective interaction, artist Liz McCarthy invites audience members to join in a cacophonous Whistle Hangout using the artist's handmade ceramic whistles, which the participants are invited to take home as a gift.

Images courtesy of the artist

About the Artist

Liz McCarthy works across disciplines to explore themes around the materiality of human bodies, and their complicated physical and psychological relationship to a material world. Through research and studio intervention, she explores how different materials develop meaning through use and origin, and how physical performance can be used as an agent to reinscribe meaning. McCarthy received her MFA from the UIC studio art program. Her work has been included in various group and solo exhibitions internationally, including at ACRE Projects, Heaven Gallery, Roots and Culture, Mana Contemporary, Gallery 400, ExGirlfriend Gallery, and Threewalls. She has been a resident artist at Atlantic Center for the Arts, ACRE, High Concept Laboratories, Ox-bow, and Banff Centre.