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MCA Store: Steve Schapiro, Bowie

Cover of Bowie by Steve Schaprio (powerHouse Books 2016)


Photographer Steve Schapiro signs his new book Bowie

Schapiro’s mostly never-before-published images from the epic 1974 Los Angeles photo shoot present David Bowie at his most creative and inspired self and offer a rare glimpse into a collaborative process that created phenomenal iconography in the Bowie oeuvre. “From the moment Bowie arrived, we seemed to hit it off. Incredibly intelligent, calm, and filled with ideas,” remembers Schapiro. “He talked a lot about Aleister Crowley, whose esoteric writings he was heavily into at the time. When David heard that I had photographed Buster Keaton, one of his greatest heroes, we instantly became friends.” The 96-page, richly illustrated hardcover book also features a foreword by Albin Wantier and an afterword by Steve Schapiro.

This event takes place on the second floor of the MCA Store.