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MCA Studio: Jeanette Andrews, Thresholds

The profile of a woman with closed eyes spraying a perfume bottle away from her face is repeated three times, each in a different hue, against a black background.

Jeanette Andrews, Thresholds: unlocking Illusions for the senses and the mind

Courtesy of the artist

event description

In this one-of-a-kind immersive experience, magician Jeanette Andrews guides visitors through numerous stations to experience magic designed for each of the five primary senses. Highly interactive, audience members collaborate to create the performance by making crucial decisions, possessing seemingly impossible knowledge, and using personal belongings as props, to navigate and unlock each new space as the show progresses to a conclusion that leaves you speechless.

This totally unique experience is composed of a distinctive blend of elegantly composed magic and explores ideas based on Andrews's studies in psychology, science, and art. Watch as an audience member's thought-of scent becomes a reality, a signed card is transported across an impossible distance, a member of the audience is able to surmise Andrews's thoughts, and walnuts carry an unexpected surprise. Thresholds leaves you enthralled and enchanted.

About the Artist

Nationally hailed as “an inspiration,” Jeanette Andrews presents a new take on the art of the impossible. Andrews strives to use magic to provoke questions for the audience to contemplate about their perceptions. She crafts her shows by drawing on her studies in philosophy, psychology, and art to create a unique experience for the audience. She fuses these influences into an elegant and fun performance. Andrews has produced and performed in numerous public runs of her show across the country, including the sold-out run of Thresholds.