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MCA Studio:
Lyra Hill, Moon Moods


A person holding a microphone sits at an unusual desk with a large black-and-white backdrop that resembles the cratered surface of the moon. Two crinkled metallic sheets are suspended above.

Lyra Hill, Moon Moods

Photo: Jenna Caravello


In this interactive performance, visitors are led in meditation by Chicago artist Lyra Hill, who, wearing a silver body suit and blue face paint, creates an immersive experience with rippling mylar, manipulated slide projections, and songs. The performance asks audiences to embrace the darkness of the winter season by directly participating in this lunar ritual. Prior to the performance, various art-making stations invite visitors to scratch and mark up 35 mm slides, have their face painted, contribute vocal loops, and dispel their fears and anxieties through disappearing ink. These studio activities directly contribute to the cumulative performance by Hill.

About the Artist

Lyra Hill is a cartoonist, filmmaker, and performer who lives in Chicago. She created and organized the performative-comix reading series Brain Frame between 2011 and 2014. Lyra works mostly with 16 mm and S8 mm, and focuses on the avant-garde in both her film and comics work.