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Family Day: Kaleidoscopic


Concoct vibrant, complex, and unexpected artworks at this Family Day, inspired by the exhibitions Alexandre da Cunha, MCA DNA: Rafael Ferrer, and The Freedom Principle.

What’s on this month?

Add to a changing, multifaceted installation.

Use musical materials to create on an improvised floor mosaic.

Collect different looking glasses to see the museum in new ways.

Kick back, grab a snack, and watch a selection of videos inspired by today’s theme.

Curl up and enjoy a book as a family.

Stick around for special performances:

  • 2–3 pm: Check out a performance by Ann Ward and the AACM School of Music.
  • 1–2 pm, 3–5 pm: Listen to eighth blackbird, the MCA’s artists in residence, rehearse in our third-floor gallery.


Support for Family Programs is provided in part through the MCA Women’s Board Family Education Initiative.

A woman and girl position a transparency on an overhead projector.

Participants at MCA Family Day, Jan 10, 2015

Photo: Joshua Longbrake © MCA Chicago