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MCA Studio: Thēarē Group

Thēarē Group

Photo: Michael "Mabbo" Mabborang


Thēarē Group, a corporation that functions as a creative collaboration between businesses and community-minded artists, occupies Faheem Majeed’s Chicago Works exhibition for a series of engagements that explore their commitment to self-awareness, self-expression, financial self-sustainability, and social justice.

Thēarē Group's series of engagements is presented as part of the exhibition Chicago Works: Faheem Majeed. Majeed embarks on a series of new collaborations that take the form of public programs presented throughout the run of his exhibition. An integral part of his artist practice, these programs contribute to Majeed's interest in questioning the role of institutions in community structures, and civic responsibility more broadly. As host of these events, Majeed invites participants to join him in exploring how dialogue, exchange, and visibility contribute to greater recognition and plurality in society.