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MCA Studio: Tru Touch: Spa of Guided Conversation

Two pairs of hands rest on a floral tropical tablecloth; a bowl of a grey liquid sits at the edge of the table.

Rachel Ellison, Tru Touch: Spa of Guided Conversation

Photo: Nabiha Khan


Chicago artist Rachel Ellison's Tru Touch: Spa of Guided Conversation invites visitors to take part in an immersive, sensual experience. Intimate, one-on-one spa sessions are accompanied by conversational exchanges determined by artist-provided prompts. With reception by Danny Volk; and spa soundtracks by Jessie Winslow and Ryan Packard.

About the Artist

Rachel Ellison is an artist, writer, and sculptor of experiences based in Chicago. Her performance-events are created using strategies to rethink, recontextualize, and reperform scenes of everyday life. The performances pull from an evolving register of forms to highlight the significance of gesture, politics of the personal, and fantasy in relation to a multiplicity of subjectivities. They often bring people together in unusual ways to engage, speak, watch, think, and feel. Ellison received her MFA in Visual Arts from the University of Chicago, Illinois, in 2012.