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MCA Curriculum Slam! 2015


The Curriculum Slam is a forum for educators to showcase fresh, creative ways to bring contemporary art and ideas into the classroom. Meet educators whose work embraces the spirit of inquiry and innovation. Hear how they engage students with the contemporary. Forget the curriculum fair. At the Curriculum Slam, the MCA hands educators the mic!

2015 Presenters include:

  • Allison Beaulieu

Conceptual Art: The Idea Makes the Art

  • Steve Ciampaglia

Hip to Be Square: Creating 8-Bit Art Games with Scratch

  • Catherine Conde and John Neff

Curator in the Classroom

  • Kris Derek Hechevarria

Mind Over Matter: Performative Actions and Mindfulness

  • Nick Hostert

Beyond the Wall: Bringing Artworks to Life Through Augmented Reality

  • Jake Myers

Getting Good at Being Bad

  • E. Mauricio Pineda

Art as an Agent of Community Healing

  • Kate Thomas

From Abramović to the Classroom: Teaching with Performance Art

  • Lisa Wax

Installation Art in a Public School Setting: Is it worth it?

Hosted by Robbie Q. Telfer

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We encourage you to attend to gather ideas, connect with your peers, and fuel your teaching practice. The Slam, like all MCA teacher programs, is free and open to all educators. Space is limited and registration is required. Register online here, or call 312.397.3841. Attendees receive CPDUs. Vouchers for free parking in the MCA garage are provided, pending availability. Public transportation is recommended.

For more information, please [email us](mailto: [email protected]) or call 312-397-3841.

A room is full of people sitting in rows of chairs, taking notes, and looking up at a projection of a presentation, while someone speaks at the front podium.

MCA Chicago Curriculum Slam!, May 6, 2014

Photo: Joshua Longbrake © MCA Chicago