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Family Day: Tinker


Play, experiment, repair, and make at this Family Day.

What’s on this month?

  • Construct an instrument and make some noise with Jenna Deidel.
  • Take a spin on the Swing Set Drum Kit, an interactive sonic sculpture by Dave Ford.
  • Make extra small (XS) sculptures to complement our new exhibition, S, M, L, XL, with Corinne Mucha.
  • Rebuild, renovate, and repair in our Tinker Town with Sara Black and Raewyn Martyn.
  • Play our Simon Says-meets-Pictionary mash-up game with Lindsey Barlag.
  • Kick back, grab a snack, and watch a selection of videos inspired by today’s theme.
  • Curl up and enjoy a book as a family.

Participants at Family Day, Apr 12, 2014

Photo: Joshua Longbrake © MCA Chicago