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MCA Screen: Black Radical Imagination

Terance Nance. Still from SWIMMING IN YOUR SKIN AGAIN, 2015

Courtesy of the artist


Black Radical Imagination is a touring program of visual shorts that focus on new stories within the diaspora and the current state of black culture. Born from conversations about the cinematic limitations historically given to people of color, Black Radical Imagination invokes the aesthetics of afrofuturism, afrosurrealism, and the magnificent through the context of film, allowing each artist to reclaim their own unique story.

Curated by Erin Christovale and Amir George

MCA Screen: Black Radical Imagination video still


Mati Diop. Still from Atlantiques, 2009

Courtesy of the artist


  • SWIMMING IN YOUR SKIN AGAIN, 2015, 25 min, digital
  • Directed by Terence Nance

Produced and commissioned by Borscht 9, SWIMMING IN YOUR SKIN AGAIN is a film about motherhood, banality, Miami, the water, the divine feminine, and how to sing in church in a way that calls forth your own adulthood.

  • Atlantiques, 2009, 15 min, video
  • Directed by Mati Diop

Atlantiques is a ghost story. In the flickering glow of a bonfire, Serigne from Dakar tells a few friends the story of his voyage to Spain in an overcrowded pirogue; in the meantime, a gravesite bears witness to the fact that he actually drowned during the passage.

  • Ditch Plains, 2013, 29 min, video
  • Directed by Loretta Fahrenholz

Shot in the East New York neighborhood of Brooklyn around the time of Hurricane Sandy, Ditch Plains is a dystopian street dance film featuring members of Ringmasters Crew.

Loretta Fahrenholz. Still from Ditch Plains, 2013

Courtesy of the artist