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Playwrights Panel, featuring Mark O’Rowe and Brett Neveu


Chicago is experiencing an astonishing increase in theatrical productions by a new generation of Irish and American playwrights. The plays of Mark O'Rowe, Brett Neveu (Do The Hustle at Writer's Theatre; Odradek at The House Theatre of Chicago), and Enda Walsh expose us to the causes, effects, and ethics of violence by embracing characters who live as outcasts and outlaws. Are they critiquing society or withdrawing into fantasy? Joining O'Rowe and Neveu for this exploration of the shifting look and feel of theater today are Steve Scott (Goodman Theatre), Kirsten Fitzgerald (A Red Orchid), and Andrew Jessop (Redtwist).

Direct from Dublin, Abbey Theatre performs O'Rowe's new play Terminus, March 2–6, at MCA Stage.