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(Almost) Getting to Know You: Dialogue Through Character Studies


Teacher Workshops: On Dialogue, Pedagogy, and Contemporary Art

Through discussion, writing, and drawing, teacher workshops provide concrete tools for developing student voice and opening up discussion in the classroom. Workshops help teachers refine the concept of an open question, explore requirements for constructive dialogue, and think critically about the role that contemporary art can play in these conversations. Sign up for individual sessions or the entire series.

In this digital age where we often develop opinions of one another based on online profiles, the parameters of Jim Nutt’s portrait paintings make a great deal of sense: What can we know from looking at a woman’s head and shoulders, rendered richly and specifically, in one take? What do we miss when we try to understand a person based only on outward signs? This workshop explores artist Jim Nutt’s paintings with the goal of developing a toolkit for describing, interpreting, and understanding one another through character studies. What are some ways that students can form ideas about one another as unique characters to foster productive dialogue? What are some of the roadblocks to that process?

Registration: Call 312-397-3838 or email [[email protected]](mailto: [email protected]) with the following information: Name, phone number, school, grade level, and subject.

MCA teacher programs are FREE and available for Illinois teachers of all grade levels and subject areas. Teachers receive CPDUs. Vouchers for free parking provided pending availability.