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American Theater: Writing for Change

Copresented with Remy Bumpo

Join some of today's brightest playwrights who are saying something new about the American experience. Focusing on the migrant's viewpoint—descendants of the Mayflowers and Amistads of history alike—they tap this moment's national consciousness to make theater that is pumping with the music and language of the largest cross section of people to ever come together in one land. Jonathan Wilson, director of TimeLine's "Master Harold" . . . and the Boys, moderates the discussion between Young Jean Lee, author of The Shipment (at MCA Stage, March 26–28); Tanya Saracho, adapter of Steppenwolf's The House on Mango Street; Kristoffer Diaz, author of the off-Broadway bound The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Diety; and Tarrell Alvin McCraney, author of The Brother/Sister Plays (at Steppenwolf Theatre through May 23).

American Theater: Writing for Change at the MCA will be podcasted for Chicago Amplified, an online archive of community events on www.WBEZ.org. The MCA and Remy Bumppo Theatre Company present this insightful talk in conjunction with the MCA Stage presentation of Young Jean Lee's The Shipment and FugardChicago2010, a consortium of Remy Bumppo, TimeLine Theatre, and Court Theatre, all of whom are producing plays by South African playwright Athol Fugard during spring of 2010.

American Theater: Writing for Change, Mar 23, 2010

Photo: Nathan Keay © MCA Chicago