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Contemporary Art in the Classroom: Adopting Design Thinking


The teacher workshop at the Museum of Contemporary Art takes inspiration from Buckminster Fuller, one of the great American creative thinkers of the 20th century and subject of the museum’s spring exhibition. His theories and innovations had a tremendous impact on the visual arts and architecture; and served as a touchstone for discussions of global issues including environmentalism, housing, and utopian living.

From his geodesic dome to books popularizing the terms "spaceship earth" and "synergetics," Fuller's life mission was to create design solutions to benefit the largest segment of humanity while consuming the fewest resources. In this artist-led workshop, teachers will participate in a collaborative, hands-on art making experience inspired by concepts found in architecture and urban planning. Just as Fuller adopted an integrated approach toward his work and employed critical observation, inquiry, and design solution methodologies, teachers will examine the interconnectedness of systems and disciplines as a way to mine the promise of design education as an agent for change.

All MCA teacher programs are free for Illinois educators. Participating teachers receive 3 CPDUs toward teaching-certificate renewal.

Preregistration is required, call 312-397-3838\. Vouchers for free parking in the MCA garage will be provided pending availability. Email [email protected] for more information.