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Found in Translation

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Jenny Holzer and Joseph Grigely explore the relationship between art, language, and ideas. Families can draw inspiration from these artists and create word art, such as poems, that create animal shapes, and more.


  • 1\. Learn to Sign
  • Work together to learn songs and poems in sign language.

Fourth floor

  • 2\. What's the Big Idea?
  • Find your voice and be heard! Place your most important questions on display at the museum.

Fourth floor

  • 3\. Mini-Quilts
  • Learn basic sewing techniques and create a neat quilt.

Second floor

  • 4\. A Word Tells a Thousand Pictures
  • Create self-portraits out of words that descried your personality.

Ground floor

  • 5\. Tot Spot/Break Time
  • Refreshments await you on the ground floor, where you can recharge in between art-making activities.

Ground floor

Family Day, MCA Chicago, Jan 10, 2009

Photo © MCA Chicago


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