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Roll Up Your Sleeves


  • Family Days are every second Saturday of the month!

Activities are appropriate for all ages.

  • Studios, ground floor

Join us as we show you how to transform ordinary boring paper and make it look like cool, colorful marble.

  • Robert B. and Beatrice C. Mayer Education Center lobby, ground floor

Create a miniature clay sculpture with a variety of exciting materials inspired by artworks in the museum and your imagination!

  • Kovler Atrium, 2nd floor

Finger play and finger stage: we are making bite-size puppets and setting the stage to perform dramas for every age.

  • Meets on the second floor at the main desk at 2 pm

Take a hands-on approach to understanding art. Join our educators as we explain how history and celebrity shape the work of Karen Kilimnik.


Find shapes and works around the museum to win prizes!

The next Family Day is April 12.

Plaza Program 2006

Photo: Lauren Dobby © MCA Chicago

Family-friendly Conveniences

Join the MCA today and save 20% on a new membership. For more information, visit the admission desk.

Enjoy kid-friendly menu items at Puck’s.

  • Diaper-changing stations are located in the ground-floor rest rooms.

Caretakers may accompany children of the opposite sex in the restrooms in Puck’s café.

Strollers are available at coat check.

Books, games, and toys can be purchased in the kid’s section of the MCA Store.

MCA Road Rules

  • 1\. May I touch the art on view?

Invisible salts and oils on your hands can destroy the surface of the artworks. Please preserve art for future generations by not touching it.

  • 2\. May I draw or write in the museum?

Recording your thoughts is a great idea as long as you only use pencil and do not put your paper against the wall.

  • 3\. May I run in the museum?

Running may put the art and other visitors in danger. We have an outdoor sculpture garden if you need to jump for joy about the cool things you saw today.

  • 4\. May I bring food or drink into the gallery or chew gum?

Gum, food, and liquids are not allowed in the galleries.

  • 5\. May I touch the fish or drop coins into the pond?

Germs and bacteria from hands and coins harm the fish. Greet the fish and draw pictures of them but please don’t mess with their water.

Current Exhibitions

  • Alexander Calder in Focus: Works from the Leonard and Ruth Horwich and Family Loan

Explore geometric shape and the mechanics of balance.

  • Collection Highlights

See the MCA’s amazing collection.

  • Karen Kilimnik

Dive into the whimsical, the celebrity, and the fairytale world of Karen Kilimnik.

  • Gordon Matta-Clark: "You Are the Measure"

Take a peep at our new show where artist Gordon Matta-Clark makes trash into treasure and cuts buildings in two.


Educational programs at the MCA are made possible by a generous grant from the Nathan Cumming Foundation, with support and encouragement of Beatrice C Mayer. Support for Family Programs is provided in part through the MCA Women’s Board Family Education Initiative. Additional support is generously provided by the Mericos Foundation.