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Saturday Shorts: Circuit Bending

event description

Wondering what to do with that old talking teddy bear hiding in your closet? Why not turn teddy into a cool musical instrument? Introducing the magical world of circuit bending, where short-circuiting low voltage, battery-powered electronic audio devices such as children's toys and small synthesizers allows you to create new musical instruments and sound generators. "Bent" instruments are becoming more common in mainstream music and this class led by artist and DJ Dan Demchuk teaches you how to make your own. Call the MCA Box Office at 312-397-4010 for more information.


  • MCA Members: $40

Nonmembers: $45

Sign up with a friend and receive $5 off the price of the class.

Circuit Bending

Photo: Kristen Kaniewski and Gessica Hoge, © MCA Chicago