The Last Frame: Will Work for Beer

By Lauren Reese

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A person on hands and knees installs wooden parquet flooring.
FRAME 19: On roll documenting ongoing building construction at 220 E Chicago Ave, Jan 9, 1996 Photo: Joe Ziolkowski, © MCA Chicago

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A black-and-white film frame shows a woman carrying an open cube sculpture while crossing the street, heading North on Michigan Avenue, Chicago, with the Allerton and John Hancock buildings in the background.
FRAME 21: On roll documenting Taller de Montevideo’s “street experience,“ Aug 27, 1970 Photo © MCA Chicago

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This year's inaugural Last Frame post is apropos of the museum’s 5oth year, with each frame a nod to what 2017 will look like at the MCA: full of construction workers, parties, and experimental performances.