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On June 22, we welcomed more than 400 of our friends from the Instagram community when we again paired with @igerschicago to bring the world of Takashi Murakami to the social media masses. We welcomed Instagrammers from throughout Chicago to an empty MCA so they could explore the galleries freely. We also provided Murakami merch for selfies, MCA artist-guided tours, and a special all-MCA Bingo game—post 5 photos in a stack post relating to the series of clues to get a Bingo—with photo-focused prizes from the MCA Store. Below are some of our favorites. Follow Instagramers Chicago to find out about their next meet.

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All that's real is relative . . . . . . . . . #murakamiMCA #theoctopuseatsitsownleg #murakami

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Eats his own legs. #MCA #museumofcontemporaryartchicago #theoctopuseatsitsownleg #murakamimca

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#igerschicago #murakami #MurakamiMCA

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Well this looks fun! @livesweetly thanks for the invite ❤ #igc_mcamurakami

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MCA Scavenger Hunt! I won!! #igserchicago #mcachicago #igc_mcamurakami

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Dragon. #artofchi #igerschicago #insta_chicago #likechicago #mychicagopix

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A special thanks to the Instagramers Chicago administrators and the community for coming out, including:
Fayth Koga @relaxocat
Graeme Curry @city_in_a_garden
Susan Densa @cmykchicago
Elliot Vernon @elbow_macaroni