Self-Care Soundtracks

By Fred SasakiKeidra Chaney

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Following Homeroom’s “School Night” post-inauguration special, which summarized strategies for protecting mental health during uncertain times, hosts Keidra Chaney and Fred Sasaki are back to share the tunes that sustain them when the going gets tough.


Chaney’s playlist

Keidra Chaney

When I feel bad, I want to dance or bang my head. I am soothed by metal, particularly complicated and dissonant mathcore, so while this probably sounds like noise to some people, this is calming for me.


1. "Car Bomb" by Secrets Within

2. "Fantastic Baby" by BIGBANG

3. "Miracle" by Kimbra

4. "Married To The Music" by SHINee

5. "Spaim/Japam" by Botch


Sasaki’s playlist

Fred Sasaki

When I feel bad, I tend to want to get hyped to fight or escape in flight. These songs are like anthems for both or either.


1. "If I Ruled the World," by Nas (feat. Lauryn Hill)

2. "Get By," by Talib Kweli

3. "We the People," by A Tribe Called Quest

4. "I Can't Go To Sleep," by The Wu-Tang Clan

5. "Hallelujah Money," by Gorillaz (feat. Benjamin Clementine)

6. "Feel No Pain," by Sade

7. "Solo," by Frank Ocean

8. "Borderline (An Ode to Self Care)" by Solange (feat. Q-Tip)

9. "Aquemini," by Outkast

10. "Redbone" by Childish Gambino


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