MCA Stage



Lead support for the 2016–17 season of MCA Stage is provided by Elizabeth A. Liebman.

Generous support for MCA Dance is provided by David Herro and Jay Franke.

Additional generous support is provided by Caryn and King Harris, Shawn M. Donnelley and Christopher M. Kelly, Lois and Steve Eisen and The Eisen Family Foundation, Ginger Farley and Bob Shapiro, the Martha Struthers Farley and Donald C. Farley Jr. Family Foundation, Mary E. Ittelson, Sharon and Lee Oberlander, Maya Polsky, Carol Prins and John Hart/The Jessica Fund, Ellen Stone Belic, Amphion Foundation, Inc., Leigh and Henry Bienen, Melynda Lopin, and Elizabeth Price and Lou Yecies.

The MCA is a proud member of the Museums in the Park and receives major support from the Chicago Park District.


Foundation Season Sponsor

Alphawood Foundation

Hotel Sponsor

Whitehall Hotel

American Airlines



We wish to thank the following individuals for their support of MCA Stage through their membership in Enact:

Dr. Bruce and Sally Bauer
Leigh and Henry Bienen
Julie and Shane Campbell
Patricia O. Cox
Shawn M. Donnelley* and Christopher M. Kelly
Lois and Steve Eisen and The Eisen Family Foundation
Ginger Farley and Bob Shapiro
David Herro and Jay Franke
Sarai Hoffman and Stephen Pratt
Cynthia Hunt and Philip Rudolph
Mary E. Ittelson
Anne L. Kaplan
Anne and John Kern
Elizabeth A. Liebman
Sharon* and Lee Oberlander
Karen Peters and Charles Frank
Elizabeth Price and Lou Yecies
Carol Prins and John Hart/The Jessica Fund
Mr. and Mrs. John Seder
Ms. Patricia F. Sternberg
Ellen Stone Belic
Linda and Michael Welsh

* Enact Cochair