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The museum is open 10 am–5 pm on Presidents' Day, Monday, February 19.

Current Exhibitions

  • Thirteen colorless glass bottles and two green bottles, each a different shape and size and without a label, stand in a cluster in front of a white wall.
    The Commons Artist Project:
    Edra Soto: Open 24 Hours
  • An architectural arched gateway is shown, installed within a modern gallery space. The arch is made from bricks in a range of different blues with golden yellow accents and decorated with stylized animals.
    Michael Rakowitz: Backstroke of the West
  • Three pairs of shoes sit below three raised black boxes that support six wooden heads. The closest head is hollowed out, others have light-skinned faces emerging from the wood, but the third has a long pointed beak-like form.
    We Are Here
  • A gigantic cat skeleton stands in the center of a large atrium with its back arched and its tail pointed straight up in the air.
    1. Long A cat skeleton stands two-stories-tall and ready to pounce, with its spine arched, tailbone on end, and fanged mouth hanging open. It is poised on all fours in the middle of a dimly lit, blue-tinged large gallery space and its white form is dramatically illuminated as if caught in the night.
  • A beige, textured surface covered in small circles is accented with hints of blue, orange, and red paint.
    Howardena Pindell: What Remains To Be Seen
    1. Long The frame is filled with dozens of small, circular cutouts that create a textured landscape. The cutouts, which resemble hole punches, are layered on the surface in seeming chaos and affixed by thick layers of paint, though some seem to float above the surface to create slight shadows. The paint is the color of a pale beige skin tone but streaks of sky blue and orange and even specks of near-black appear lightly scattered across the surface.
Projected on the wall of a dark room is the image of two monitors, one playing a boxing match, the other showing multiple bars of sound waves.
    MCA Screen:
    Paul Pfeiffer
  • A glowing white sphere casts shadows on a white wall.
    Endless Summer
  • Small white circles connected by thin wire balance opposite a thicker orange wire weighted by an orange rudder-like shape hanging from the edge of a white table.
    Heaven and Earth: Alexander Calder and Jeff Koons

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