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Ascendant Artists

  • A black tapestry speckled with silver arrowheads depicts two pairs of orange legs, one wearing a skirt, with flat, geometric shapes in place of torsos and heads. The pair is connected at the hip and each stands on a crystalline mound.
    Otobong Nkanga: To Dig a Hole that Collapses Again
  • An architectural arched gateway is shown, installed within a modern gallery space. The arch is made from bricks in a range of different blues with golden yellow accents and decorated with stylized animals.
    Michael Rakowitz: Backstroke of the West
  • A sheet of hard glass is folded over and bent in two as if it were a plastic bag. A smoking stick rests between the green edges of the glass and a plume of smoke wafts upward.
    Tania Pérez Córdova: Smoke, nearby
    1. Long A sheet of hard glass is folded over and bent in two as if it were a plastic bag. A smoking stick rests between the green lips that comprise the edges of the glass. A dark circular shadow dominates the area to the right of the glass, a stark contrast to the white background.
  • A brightly colored geometric shape floats in a starry sky above a figure wearing an equally colorful head dress and jumpsuit.
    Basim Magdy: The Stars Were Aligned for a Century of New Beginnings
  • A person with a cow skull for a head stands in a forest, wearing a white shirt streaked with red and with arms outstretched.
    The Propeller Group
  • A black and white image of a laughing clown appears on a panel of red, white, and blue vertical stripes inside a gray frame. Inside the frame, above the image, a cubbyhole is filled with holiday lights and campaign buttons in red, white, and blue sections that mirror the stripes below.
    Kathryn Andrews: Run for President
  • A man in a suit jacket sits at a table with hands folded in front of him and a duck phone to his left. His lips are pursed, as if in mid sentence.
    Keren Cytter
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