Commons Artist Project: blkHaUS studios

Disability and Perspective


Curator: Adero Knott, founder and CEO of AK Prosthetics
Conversation Lead: Bess Williamson, author of Accessible America: A History of Disability and Design

About the Mini-Exhibition

Disability is seen/unseen.
Disability is independent.
Disability is fashion.
Disability is resilient.
Disability is radical.
Disability is sexy.
Disability is infinite.

In a time where able bodies control the built environment, that environment often excludes voices of people with disabilities. Disability and Perspective provides a glimpse into the lives of those forced to adapt to a world not designed for them and encourages the audience to consider how disability varies among individuals. The exhibition displays objects that are explicitly associated with disability, such as prosthetic devices, but also objects that are not, challenging the audience to see disability in a provocative light.

—Adero Knott, curator

About this web page

Below are the collectors' words—unedited—about their objects.

Featured image

Person Name: Bri Beck Object Name: Trunk Rope Maker: Bought at Hardware Store Materials: Nylon Dimensions: 1 × 54 × 1in. Provenance: Object was purchased at Chicago hardware store

Bri Beck, Edgewater
Trunk Rope

Featured image

Person Name: Sophia Hamilton Object Name: Signed Arts of Life Band Kinda Weirdy Album Maker: Arts of LIfe Band Materials: Cardboard, Vinyl Dimensions: 12 × 0.125 × 12in. Provenance: I bought a copy of this record at the album release party at the Hideout, but I think I must have donated or something, because I subsequently got this signed copy in the mail!

Sophia Hamilton, Logan Square
Arts of Life Band, Kinda Weirdy, 2017

Featured image

Person Name: Stacey Brown Object Name: Transtibial Prosthesis Check Socket Maker: N/A Materials: Copolymer Dimensions: 9 × 9 x 5in. Provenance: Made the object for a school project, I’m currently getting my Masters in Prosthetics and Orthotics

Stacey Brown, Streeterville
Transtibial Prosthesis Check Socket

Featured image

Person Name: Vincent Uribe Object Name: Manhood ceramic by Nick Pagan Maker: Nick Pagan from Creative Growth Materials: Wood, ceramic, hair , paper, glue Dimensions: 4.5 × 7 x 5in. Provenance: October 2019 acquired from creative growth

Vincent Uribe, East Garfield Park
Nick Pagan from Creative Growth, Manhood ceramic, 2019

Featured image

Person Name: Adero Knott Object Name: Adero’s Arm Maker: Scheck & Siress Materials: fiber glass, woven material

Adero Knott, Bronzeville
Scheck & Siress, Adero’s Arm, 2003

Featured image

Person Name: Michele Friedner Object Name: Purple earmold for a hearing aid, no longer in use Maker: An audiologist Materials: Silicone, Plastic Dimensions: 1 × 1 x 1in. Provenance: This was made for me, using a hardened putty/silicon model of my ear. It could only belong to me. Audiologist made it, went to ear mold lab, audiologist did some maintenance and tinkering

Michele Friedner, Hyde Park
Purple earmold for a hearing aid

Featured images

Person Name: Marsha Elle Object Name: Step Forward Provenance: From prosthetist in Germany to me

Marsha Elle, Miami, FL
Step Forward, 2011

Featured images

Person Name: Bonnie Rosenberg Object Name: Trike D. Eisenhower Materials: Plastic Dimensions: 3 × 3 x 3in. Provenance: My mother in law gave me this ornament. I attached it to the basket of my trike. So meta

Bonnie Rosenberg (MCA Employee), Rogers Park
Trike D. Eisenhower

Featured images

Person Name: Chunshan (Sandie) Yi Object Name: It’s meant 2 be Materials: Felt and metal pinback Dimensions: 0 × 2 x 1in. Provenance: I made them

Chunshan (Sandie) Yi, South Loop
It’s meant 2 Be, ongoing

Featured images

Person Name: Sky Cubacub Object Name: Queercrip patch Maker: Rebirth Garments (my clothing line) Materials: 100% Cotton Dimensions: 2 × 0 x 9in. Provenance: I created it!

Sky Cubacub, North Center
Rebirth Garments, Queercrip Patch, 2016/2019