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Paul Preissner


During the last decade the notion of drawing in architecture practice has begun to be superseded by animation, or the rendered image, as a way to communicate a project. In this exhibition, part of Preissner’s interest and the drawing set produced is to find a new role for drawing within architecture as a medium to communicate the architectural effect of the project, instead of just its plan. A new set of work—composed of original drawings, animations, and formal models—looks at the unique combination of surface patterns—”spotting” as a communicative strategy for identification—and form as a method of spatial organization. The work draws influence from the habits of selective breeding within dogs to produce desired coat patterns and body shapes, and the flexible capabilities afforded through the introduction of digital techniques in the design process.

Preissner received a BS in architecture from the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign, and an MA in architecture from Columbia University.


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