Original Language: Highlights from the MCA Collection



In the period immediately following the second World War, artists redefined the language of art-making practice, signaling the birth of movements such as minimalism, conceptualism, and process art. Original Language: Highlights from the MCA Collection presents key works by artists and spans five decades, ranging from Donald Judd, Bruce Nauman, and Jeff Koons to a younger generation that includes Doug Aitken, Laura Owens, and Paul Pfieffer, among others. Dynamic, bold, and innovative, the work of these artists reveals a set of connective ideas that tap into a universal enquiry about the contemporary world and the nature of human existence within it. Original Language aims to further the MCA’s mission as a leading contemporary art institution with a vision that is continually reflected in the evolution of its collection.


Support for this exhibition is generously provided by the Women's Board of the MCA and the State of Illinois.