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Gilbert & George: Nineteen Ninety Nine


This new four-part work titled Nineteen Ninety Nine by internationally renowned artists Gilbert & George was made in 1999 and reflects and projects into the current century the artists' hopeful vision of the world around them. The work is composed from photographic images of their neighborhood in London's East End, surrounded by details of local graffiti and street signs, and overlaid with other images, such as a portion of London's city map and enlargements of blood and urine cells as seen through the microscope. The artists' interest in the vernacular language of the street stems in part from a desire for their art to “speak across the barriers of knowledge directly to people about their life.”

Gilbert & George is organized by Assistant Curator Michael Rooks.


This exhibition is made possible with the generous support of Abbott Laboratories. It is part of a three-year series called Hope=Life: Living in the New Age of AIDS.