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About the Artists

Kanyinsola Anifowoshe is a seventeen-year-old Nigerian American artist who is usually thinking and writing about the architecture of justice, radical hope, and building new art histories. She is editor-in-chief of Wahala Zine, a platform for the creative work of young people in the Nigerian diaspora, and host of The Now podcast where she interviews young creatives. She is also a co-organizer with two organizations intended to amplify the power of young people within activism: Fempowerment Chicago and Youth for Black Lives.

B<span class="character-match">ảspano Nguy<span class="character-match">ễspann grew up in Vietnam and currently lives in Skokie, Illinois. Through performance art and sound, they explore limitation and miscommunication in language.

Anifowoshe and Nguy<span class="character-match">ễspann are members of the Teen Creative Agency at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, where they design public programs with other artists.