Curator Tour: Mika Horibuchi

Free With Admission
A muted watercolor painting of two red and green fruits with large leaves.
  1. Long The painting is affixed at its four corners, centered against a larger, roughly textured tan surface. The two fruits are set against a light background, casting mauve shadows against an implied surface. Both the fruits themselves and their leaves share various shades of sage green and pale orange, while the base of the fruits is a more vivid salmon red. At the bottom right corner of the painting appears the date "2017/05/16" in small numerals.
Mika Horibuchi, Watercolor of Persimmons, 2017. Oil on linen; 8 ½ × 11 in. (21.6 × 27.9 cm). Courtesy of the artist and PATRON Gallery. Photo: Aron Gent.


Join Nina Wexelblatt, curatorial assistant, for an in-depth tour of the Chicago Works: Mika Horibuchi exhibition on the museum’s third floor. Mika Horibuchi’s work explores the intersection of visual perception, art history, and psychology.