Talk: Lean Artist Chicago—Demo Day

  • Edlis Neeson Theater
    First Floor, Accessible via the Griffin Entrance on Pearson Street
    220 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611


Tickets to this event are FREE but must be reserved in advance (limit 2 per person).

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Kick off the exhibition I Was Raised on the Internet with a performance presentation by artist Jeremy Bailey featuring pitch presentations and prototype reveals from the four Chicago artists involved in Bailey’s LEAN Artist Incubator, Jon Chambers, Óscar González-Díaz, Mashaun Ali Hendricks, and Shawné Michaelain Holloway. The LEAN Artist Incubator is the world’s first seed accelerator for artists and is a commissioned project for this exhibition.

Following the presentation, join the artists in the MCA's Commons to experience and handle their prototypes.

Featured images

  • A man in a plaid shirt crosses his arms and faces the viewer. He stands in front of a whiteboard with lists of words, some crossed out.
Jon Chambers
Photo: Maranda Powers
A man in a plaid shirt crosses his arms and faces the viewer. He stands in front of a whiteboard with lists of words, some crossed out.
Óscar González-Díaz
Photo: Jeremy Bailey
Mashaun Ali Hendricks
Photo: Jeremy Bailey
Shawné Michaelain Holloway
Photo: Texas Isaiah


About the Artists

Jon Chambers is a Chicago-based new media artist who teaches media literacy, media art histories, net art, new media art (software + hardware), and video at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and Northwestern University.

Óscar González-Díaz is a Mexican-born artist displaced by violence. His practice currently revolves in data dredging and contextualization of data sets. The content comes from the data around subjects and locales that are marginalized, avoided, and ignored while being moved through systems of record keeping, allocation of rights, and even assignation of citizenship.

Mashaun Ali Hendricks is a result-oriented practitioner and educator in restorative justice philosophy and practices, specializing in providing training and professional development for youth services providers, including K–12 teachers and school administrators, community organizations, and criminal justice systems. He is a social justice visionary committed to resolving social issues that lead to instances of crime and violence in under-served and disadvantaged communities. As a visual artist, Mashaun owns the streetwear brand, TRAP House Chicago.

Shawné Michaelain Holloway is a Chicago-based new media artist who uses sound, video, and performance to shape the rhetorics of technology and sexuality tools for exposing structures of power.