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Common Use: Fieldwork Collaborative, Public Park


Get a sneak-peek into Public Park, a mini-documentary focusing on Chicago's Humboldt Park, and hear from those involved in its making. After Hurricane Maria struck mainland Puerto Rico, many families arrived in Chicago as temporary and permanent evacuees. One of the first places they went was to the Field House in Humboldt Park. There they received medical assistance, coats and winter gear, interpretation services, and safe housing assistance. During November 2017, the Field House assisted a large number of evacuees, captured in this documentary-in-development by Fieldwork Collaborative. This program takes place in the MCA Commons.

Participants include: Nelly Agassi, art director at Fieldwork Collaborative Projects; Merav Argov, director of urban and cultural affairs at Fieldwork Collaborative Projects; Eduardo Arocho, poet, publisher, gallerist, and tour guide in Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood; Ionit Behar, director of curatorial affairs at Fieldwork Collaborative Projects; Karl Kuhn, committee chair at Jensen Formal Garden Restoration; Cristina Pacione-Zayas, cochair of the Puerto Rican Agenda; Jon Satrom, videographer and artist, and cofounder of studiothread; Andrew Schachman, director of operations and design at Fieldwork Collaborative Projects; TIAGO (Richard Santiago), Puerto Rican artist and resident artist at the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, Chicago; and Omar Torres-Kortright, executive director of Segundo Ruiz Belvis Cultural Center and cochair of the Arts and Culture Committee of the Puerto Rican Agenda.