Common Use: The Booty Monologues

Through the hazy lines of an old TV, a dark-skinned woman in a bikini stands in front of orange stripes implying a sunset. In the lower right-hand corner is an MTV logo.
Ayanah Moor, Stand, 2006.


The Booty Monologues acts as an intersectional womanist response to the legacy of exclusionary feminism, which has overlooked the voice, perspectives, and lived experiences of Black (African diaspora), Latinx, and Asian queer, femme-identified and cis-gendered women. Invoking the legacy of Eve Ensler’s most recognized and seminal feminist performance work, The Vagina Monologues, this series seeks to continue to broaden the feminist canon to increasingly include the autobiographical artworks of women of color. This conversation includes the contributions of Chante Linwood, Ayanah Moor, and Zakkiyyah Najeebah.