The Way You Look (at me) Tonight Touch Tour

Seated people on a darkened stage watch as a woman using crutches steps on and walks over a man, who lies on the ground.
  1. Long People seated on a darkened stage watch as a woman using crutches steps on and walks over a man, who lies face down on the ground. Her right foot is planted on his right hand. His left hand reaches forward, toward the camera, while her left foot hovers just above it.
Claire Cunningham and Jess Curtis, The Way You Look (at me) Tonight. Photo: Robbie Sweeny.


This touch tour of the stage is led by Jess Curtis and Claire Cunningham and lasts 20–30 mins. The tour offers patrons who are visually impaired (VI) the chance to experience the space, the performers, and objects in it, tactilely and spatially. It provides an opportunity to experience aspects of the performance that are transmitted primarily visually to sighted individuals and to organize a conceptual/spatial framework for the experience of the show.

The touch tour allows VI patrons to feel, explore, and/or have explained:

  • The dimensions and directions of the space and seating arrangements
  • The set: hanging sculptures, ladder, sound system, and video screens
  • Some physical aspects of the performers themselves
  • Explanation and demonstration of some of the sounds made by objects in the space, i.e. the clicking of crutches and shuddering of the ladder
  • The qualities and shapes of costumes and props
  • Demonstration of some of the movement in the piece

Registration and performance ticket required. Call the Box Office at 312-397-4010.