MCA Screen: Chicagoland Shorts Vol. 3


Tuesdays are always FREE for Illinois residents.


Join Full Spectrum Features for the world premiere of Chicagoland Shorts Vol. 3. The collection brings together some of the city’s best so-called "niche"cinemas—experimental genres and works by queer filmmakers, women, and people of color—into one expansive, rich evening of film. This premiere screening is followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers.


  • Lori Felker

ZWISCHEN, 3 min, 2006

ZWISCHEN (German for between) exists on the thin line between opposing forces. Dirt moves over light to a hand-drawn soundtrack of noise and space.

  • Martin Mulcahy

BLOKD, 5 min, 2016

Through the voices and tools of early avant-garde filmmakers, a man explores the world as if we are living inside a movie set.

  • Diana Delgado Pineda

YO NO SOY ESA, 6 min, 2014

On an ordinary winter afternoon, a mother does laundry and her daughter puts her clothes away. What could happen when Mom isn’t looking?

  • Valia O’Donnell

ANT HOUSE, 2 min, 2016

The house of a family torn apart by domestic strife is eaten by termites as a manifestation of the tension within.

  • Jeanne Donegan and Jennifer Fagan​

THRILL OF THE CHASE, 12 min, 2016

An appropriated look at American cinema’s lust for the thrill of the chase.

  • Amanda Gutierrez


The identity, transformation, and ownership of one Chicago electrical substation is explored through interviews and charcoal drawings to reveal the relationship between human memory and architecture.

  • Valia O’Donnell

SELFIE, 1 min, 2015

A multimedia animation contrasts tourism in Rome with the experience of a Bangladeshi immigrant selling selfie sticks.

  • Qihui Wu

CHOSEN PEOPLE, 18 min, 2016

An experimental documentary depicting the daily activities of the Israel of God Church on the South Side of Chicago.

  • Elliott Chu


Elliott’s grandma is awakened to dance with her favorite Japanese singer.

  • Emily Esperanza

HAIL MARY, 16 min, 2016

Part of a nonverbal video series that explores female sexuality and morality, HAIL MARY is an exercise in holding space (vulnerability).

  • Steve Socki

SPARROW DUET, 4 min, 2014

Animated abstract shapes and gestures dance together in patterns suggesting ritualistic, bird-like action.


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