Ballet de Lorraine
Works by Merce Cunningham & others

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CCN - Ballet de Lorraine, SOUNDDANCE Photo: Laurent Philippe


dancers . . . performing a work of diabolical complexity.


Presented with the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago

Sounddance is one of Merce Cunningham’s most beloved pieces. Created in 1975 in opposition to the uniformity and unison of classical ballet, the work is fast and vigorous, a kind of organized chaos. It is set on a stage divided by a plush gold curtain compressing the space, and driven by a powerful score by musician-composer David Tudor.

Inspired by the 64 hexagrams in the I Ching (Chinese book of changes), Cunningham created Fabrications by combining 64 dance phrases to form a deeper interconnected whole. The multidisciplinary collaboration features live music by the original composer Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta, and striking visual design by artist Dove Bradshaw.

Ballet de Lorraine’s Untitled Partner #3 combines dance and film in a performance-installation, searching for but never finding equilibrium between id and ego.

Presented in conjunction with Merce Cunningham: Common Time

Running time: 80 minutes, with one intermission



CCN - Ballet de Lorraine, Fabrications Photo: Bernard Prudhomme

About the Artist

Ballet de Lorraine is one of the most important companies working in Europe, performing contemporary creations while retaining and programming a rich and extensive repertory spanning modern history. Part of France’s National Choreographic Center network, they maintain a company of 26 dancers, as well as a multidisciplinary platform for research and experimentation in order to create a space for diverse visions of dance today.

Ballet de Lorraine is led by Director Petter Jacobsson and Coordinator of Research Thomas Caley. Both are choreographers and have danced with several acclaimed companies, notably Caley’s history as a dancer with Merce Cunningham Dance Company.


CCN - Ballet de Lorraine, Untitled Partner #3 Photo: M.Rousseau