Faye Driscoll
Thank You for Coming: Attendance



It’s like the craziest game of Twister you’ve ever seen, except taken to much deeper, provocative, metaphysical levels.

—This Week In New York


Presented as part of IN>TIME Festival

Experience theater as a shared political act in Thank You for Coming. As the dance begins, five performers gradually become tangled together into one ever-morphing body—building new formations and revealing fleeting feelings and states of being. Staged in the round, the audience is gradually invited into an expansive song, an urban folk dance, and a beautiful chaos that crescendos in joyful transformation.

This performance is designed for a small audience: capacity is limited.


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Five coed dancers lie entwined on a small stage
Faye Driscoll Group, Thank You For Coming: Attendance Photo: Maria Baranova

About the Artist

Faye Driscoll investigates new forms of theatrical experience as a choreographer and director, provoking feelings, stimulating senses, and activating minds. She has been granted numerous awards from the Guggenheim, Creative Capital, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Baryshnikov Arts Center, National Dance Project, and more. She has collaborated extensively with some of the most innovative new theater artists in New York, including Young Jean Lee in Untitled Feminist Show, seen at MCA Stage; as well as Cynthia Hopkins, Taylor Mac, and others. She was one of the only dance artists exhibited in YOUNGER THAN JESUS, the first in a series of triennials at the New Museum. Visit her website for more information.


Featured image

Faye Driscoll Group, Thank You For Coming: Attendance Photo: Maria Baranova


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