Madsen Minax



Chicago-based artist Madsen Minax presents a program of short, experimental films in response to the exhibition Body Doubles. The program is copresented by Chicago-based artists Latham Zearfoss and Aay Preston-Myint.

About the Films

My Most Handsome Monster documents two separate BDSM scenarios and morphs the landscapes in which they take place. The scenarios collide with archival family footage, landscape meditation, and voice-over narration to suggest a state of suspended engagement, a state of waiting, a gesture toward both collective histories and imagined futures.

Set in a post-industrial “Neverland” of worn-down row houses, looming factories, and desolate seashores, a rabble of disenfranchised gender and age ambiguous youths explore their own vulnerabilities and put pressure on what it means to grow up. Misadventures, which include impromptu races, nighttime spooning, cheating card games, attempts at hypnotism, pocketknife haircuts, and sexual fantasies, all function as a means for the characters to attempt knowing one another.

Through a series of vignettes, The Year I Broke My Voice offers an alternative perspective on coming of age that emphasizes perpetual states of becoming over conventions of linear development into adulthood.