Rosas Rosas danst Rosas


Rosas, Rosas danst Rosas Photo: Herman Sorgeloos


Riveting and exhausting, fascinating and relentless . . . a mesmerizing exploration.
New York Times

Deep, seductive, and utterly uncompromising, the stunning dance and driving music of Rosas danst Rosas builds an unstoppable rhythm of aggression and tenderness. Four women dance with grace and endurance to a place of power that is both vulnerable and vital. Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker brings this vibrant—and now iconic—work made in the 1980s to MCA Stage for her first return in 15 years. Three decades after its premiere, Rosas danst Rosas still surprises with its modernity.

Set to a pounding percussive score by Belgian composer Thierry De Mey, the classic work contrasts everyday movements with abstract dance. It weds the rigor of repetition with youthful audacity and abandon—a surrender to the beat of the music and the energy of the dance. It joins recognizable gestures—fingers running through hair, legs crossing on a chair—with abstract movements that defy categorization. And it explores the pronounced femininity that informed the choreographer’s early works, invoking an emotional manifesto of a young woman coming into maturity.

Go behind the scenes with Rosas. Participate in a master class with Rehearsal Director Fumiyo Ikeda (Oct 11) or hear Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker speak about the making of her early works, including Rosas danst Rosas (Oct 12).

Running time: 100 minutes, no intermission