Manual Cinema, Mementos Mori

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Manual Cinema, Lula del Ray Photo: Jerry Shulman

Be among the first to experience the newest work of Manual Cinema. The adventurous team of performers, composers, and visual artists conclude their MCA residency with a work-in-progress excerpt and discussion about Mementos Mori. This cinematic shadow puppet play addresses how digital culture is changing our relationship to death and dying.

Manual Cinema uses a handmade approach and live music to both create an immersive experience and simultaneously reveal how they do it—with over 300 paper shadow puppets, 7 overhead projectors, 6 puppeteers, 3 projection screens, 3 musicians, and 2 video cameras.

Mementos Mori is commissioned by the MCA and premieres at MCA Stage in January 2015 as part of the Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival.